#MySundayPhoto - Fruit Picking

Every year we try to go fruit picking and last weekend was when we went. It was a beautiful day and it was lovely to get out in the fresh air. 

We don't go to pick loads and loads of fruit just to waste, we just pick strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. 

You can read our blog about the day here : Family Fruit Picking

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#MySundayPhoto - Green & Blue

I was struggling with a photo to post for #MySundayPhoto this week but then on the way to my office, I stopped off a captured this. 

All the green and blue over the Sussex countryside. This is one of the reasons living in the countryside is just perfect. 

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On/Off Grid...a new way of living

On YouTube, I've been watching a series of vlogs by Dave Erasmus which is about him building something special called Corcovado. Corcovado is a place off the grid that for the past 8 months he's been calling home. A place that consists of a shepherd's hut to sleep in, a cooking area, and a few other things such as a vegetable patch and now another shepherd's hut. 

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