2 Muddy Feet - Country Kids


I may have mentioned it once or twice but near us we have quite a few woody areas so we often get the chance to take the girls out for a walk. This week all of us managed to go out as mummy wanted to have a look as I had mentioned they'd done a lot of work there and it looked different. So off we went for a little walky.

2014-01-18 13.50.32

About 100 metres into the woods there is a little stream with a wooden bridge over...Aly in her wisdom said she wanted to wash her boots in the water, I replied with a no as knowing her she'd get wet. However Mummy said she'd hold on to her so it would be find...famous last words! As me and Mia walked a little further ahead we heard a noise and it was Aly and guess what? She'd put her foot in too far and the water went up to her right knee and her trousers, boot and sock was soaking wet!

2014-01-18 14.08.26

But like a trooper she carried on. Now I had told them there was no mud as they had paths all the way around but the girls didn't want to go that way so they went the muddy way. Half way and somehow Mummy found the deepest bit of mud she could and that resulted in a boot full of wet sticky oozy mud. We tried not to laugh but it didn't work.

2014-01-18 14.08.59

The main thing was we all had fun and we all got some fresh air.

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