#MySundayPhoto - Secret Bridge

This could be one of those love/hate photos. This was taken on a walk last week to look for an image. 

Just as I was setting up it started to pour down with rain and I mean really pour down. This was created by taking 3 photos are different exposures and then merged together to form this HDR. 

If you fancy taking a closer look or downloading it yourself then click the to visit Unsplash and you'll see it in all it's Hi-Res goodness. 

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Calumet 7100 Tripod | Review

Let me start with a few of the stats about this tripod before we go any further. This is a £55, yes that's the legs and head. Other famous brands couldn't ever get near that price. 

With everything in life you get what you pay for, a £250,000 car is generally going to be faster, more luxurious than a £5,000. Take on board the price and not be let down. 

Introducing the Calumet 7100 Tripod, a three-way quick release tripod with a three-way pan and tilt head. 

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#MySundayPhoto - Millennium Green

I'm really trying to get outside more and take landscape photos that I'm happy with. Stepping out of the comfort zone and seeing different parts of the countryside. 

We're lucky that we have beautiful landscapes right on our doors steps. 

This view was talking on a walk last Sunday in a location I knew of but had never visited before. 

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My Gear

It’s 2017 and in the past my kit has changed, at the moment I am settled on this set up but as things change I will try to keep this updated. 

Most of these things were purchased myself and I have added a link to Amazon for these item. These links are “affiliate links”, this means if you click on it and buy it, I make a small 3% – 8% commission. 

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On/Off Grid...a new way of living

On YouTube, I've been watching a series of vlogs by Dave Erasmus which is about him building something special called Corcovado. Corcovado is a place off the grid that for the past 8 months he's been calling home. A place that consists of a shepherd's hut to sleep in, a cooking area, and a few other things such as a vegetable patch and now another shepherd's hut. 

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#MySundayPhoto - Sussex Horse Rescue

I had high hopes of releasing an amazing photo of a horse or two but it didn't quite work out. 

I'm putting together a collection of photos for them so that they can release a calendar and raise money for them to keep supporting the hard work they do. 

Here is the photo I'm sharing, it's not the best but it's a learning curve having never taken photos of animals before. 

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London Photo-Walk with Trey Ratcliff

I don't really care for following celebrities, in fact, I don't follow any of social media. The people I check on Instagram are people that inspire me, people who make me want to create new and exciting things. 

Generally, those people are Casey Neistat, Chase Jarvis, Thomas Heaton and Trey Ratcliff. I head to their profiles, watch their videos and enjoy the content that they put out into the World. 

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#MySundayPhoto - Golden Fields

One of the things I love about living in the countryside is the open spaces, the fields and how they change from season to season. 

This is one of the most beautiful sights you'll find...beautiful golden fields. I thought about editing out the cables but it felt wrong. Colours and textures I don't mind editing but I never like to remove things that are in the scene. 

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