A Look at Aurora HDR 2017 from Macphun

I love HDR photography and for the past year I've been using Aurora HDR as my go to piece of software. Well the good news is that they are releasing a new updated version. 

I've created a video of me using it for the first time to give you a taste of what you can expect and see some of the new additions. 

If you're thinking of upgrading here is a chart of the differences between the different variations. 

I'm going to make it my aim to create more videos using Aurora as I think more people should be using it. If you'd like you can now Pre-Order Aurora HDR 2017 and the Pre-Order for Aurora HDR 2017 includes over $300 in bonuses, find out more here. (Affiliate link)

The photos used in this video are by Trey Ratcliff from Stuckincustoms.com