A Walk on Ashdown Forest

We're lucky enough to give just a matter of minutes from the wonderful Ashdown Forest, an open space that is full of wildlife and a beautiful place to explore. 

The other Sunday Mia and myself went for a little walk up on the forest as it was a lovely day. It also helped that I promised her an ice cream afterwards. 

Mia is at a beautiful age where she doesn't mind me taking photos and infact often asks for me to take her photo. Aly on the other hand hates having her photo taken. 

Whilst walking around the Forest Mia took great delight in finding the tracks from various different animals especially the horses. 

Ash down Forest is a beautiful spot and very popular with people to walk their dogs and Mia loves dogs and was more than happy to talk to people and interact with the dogs. If you're ever in the area make sure you pay it a visit. You'll always find the ice cream man there and in the warmer months it's a beautiful place for a picnic. 

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