Aly's School Report

The other week we had the first parent teacher consultation of the new school year. This was the first proper one that counted I guess. The first year was mainly her teacher telling us how great Aly is but I think that was to be expected from the reception class. This is the year were it's about learning first and playing second which is where the real test comes.

Whenever Aly is at home she usually has a pen and paper nearby and she's always trying to spell various words and writing stories so we knew she had an interest in school and we were just hoping that she puts in the effort in class and isn't a chatter-a-box.

What did we really have to worry about? The report from her teacher was glowing and made us so proud. Her teacher told us her spelling and maths is excellent and she's easily in the top group for both of those which is always nice to hear. For her reading she said she's reading well above her age group which wasn't a surprise to use as she's been into books since she was about 2 and every night it's a joy to hear her read.

In her class they also have a two sided chart, one side with a happy face and one with a sad face. Every child starts on the happy face and if they go something naughty they move to the sad side and stay there all day. If you finish the day on the happy side you get a little certificate to take home, in the first few weeks with everything being new they nearly all moved sides but for the last 4 weeks Aly has stayed on there all day everyday.

So all in all a good report from Aly, I just hope she carries this on for the next 10 years or so.