The Amazing World of Aly


The great thing about children is their brilliant minds and the the things that grab their imagination. Aly is no different and her mind is such an incredible thing. From the usual things like making up games and various role play situations using her soft toys. These games usually involve her being the teacher and the teddies being her children, she even has a little register so she can make sure that no one is bunking off school. .facebook_1219282470

Her favourite thing to keep her entertained during the day is to either draw a picture or write a story book some of which are simply works of art.

I will show you a few examples of her stories.

Princess Aly and Levi the Knight

One day there was a Princess. She was in a tower she didn't like it. A Knight came to the tower his name was Levi he said.

The Princess was happy.

The Knight and the Princess was happy.

The End.

Cat and Dog

The cat was in bed the moon was bright in the sky then the dog went to bed with the cat.

They were both in bed then the sun came up then it was morning they woke up.

The cat and dog was playing baseball with their dad.

When they got home they were tired.

The End.

The house is covered with these amazing a funny stories written by Aly and each one will have some pictures to go with them. We also get the random things that she tells us such as the other night before she went to bed she had to make sure she switched on her dream socks so she has a good dream about picnics.


As well as these little wonders she is also a unique bright girl who is in Year 1 at school and has had to move up to the Year 2 reading books as she's completed all of her classes. She also only drinks water, doesn't like sweets and will happily eat pretty much any type of fruit and vegetable.

Aly is a unique and amazing child.