Autumn Family Fun

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The clear blue skies, golden leaves on the trees and blazing sunshine make it and a great season to get out walking with the family. There are loads of great places to explore and even better cafes to have a warm up hot chocolate in afterwards.

Getting out and about with your children in autumn can be really fun and educational too. The best thing about going on a walk is it’s fun for all the family and it’s free exercise so a win-win for parents. If you’re going on a long walk it’s best to be prepared for all weathers so wrap up warm and get a decent pair of boots from M and M. Always remember to pack a mac as although the sun may be shining when you set off there is always chance of a downpour and this avoids grumpy faces and wanting to head back to the car.

If you’re going to the woods, there will be hundreds of fallen leaves so it will make a great spot for a game of hide and seek. There will also be a lot of wildlife in their natural habitat so you can use the day to teach the kids so much about how animals adapt to the seasons changing and nature itself. As you all run through the leaves and collect conkers from the horse chestnut trees make sure the kids are looking out for squirrels in the trees and spotting the dewy spiders webs on the bushes.

Be sure to take a camera and photograph all the beautiful colours so they can see the difference when they are bare in winter. Using photographs can be a really good way to teach your children about the changing seasons as they will clearly be able to tell the difference and are likely to be more interested if they are involved rather that not notice the seasons changing around them. You can even make the walk into an activity later on in the day by collecting interesting pine cones and leaves on the way ready to make an autumn collage when you get home.

Autumn is also a great time to teach children about the harvest, something they will probably be learning about at school. If your culinary skills are up to scratch you could even collect the blackberries from the trees (make sure they are a deep black/purple colour) and make a blackberry pie or crumble with them for desert at home. Look out for other interesting berries on the trees too and explain how the birds and small animals need to collect and store these to survive through the winter time.