#CountryKids - Coombe Mill Style


So those of you that don't follow me on Twitter (@OneDad3Girls) or Instgram (OneDad3Girls) we have been at Coombe Mill. This was our first visit to Coombe Mill and it won't be our last (we've booked up for next year already)

We have all enjoyed the week so much It's difficult to put it into words so this may end up being quite picture heavy.

One of the great things about Coombe Mill is the morning Feed Run which involves all the children gathering at 9am every morning and greeting one of the farmers (this week we had Farm Ted and Farmer Kym) and all loading onto the tractor and trailer. Feed Run

They then make their way around the farm and stopping off at each an every animal and getting in amongst the animals and giving them their food.


The first day the girls weren't 100% sure and stayed a little to the back but by the end of the week they were straight in there and looked forward to it everyday. Now these girls are usually scared of the smallest animal but Mia was wanting to get in there with the pigs and didn't mind the goats trying to jump up at her. Aly also came out of her shell and by the end of the week they looked like totally different children.  Girls Feeding

This experience was helped so much by the farmers especially Farmer Ted who was such a loving character and there seemed like nothing he didn't know whether that be about the animals or what to do in and around Coombe.  Farmer Ted

During the day we would also have a little walk around and Aly always enjoyed feeding the goats and they all loved the rabbits, it wouldn't surprise me if I found one of the rabbits in the suitcase.

My favourites were without doubt the deer and I couldn't believe how tame they were and how close they'd get to us.

Deer sml

This has been our best week as a family ever and we can't wait to do it all over again.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall