How Does Your Garden Grow? - 20th March


You can tell when Spring has arrived as we tend to head off to the garden centre to buy a little plant or two. This week we needed to go their the buy our seed potatoes so we can start growing them. We have always kept it simple by planting new potatoes as the girls prefer those to roast potatoes and plus they have a wide range of uses.

2014-03-15 14.51.09

We have never really had plants in our garden as it's normally all taken up with fruit and vegetables but I did treat the garden to this tulip plant which when it flowers will help brighten up the patio area and add some much needed colour.

2014-03-15 15.02.15

One of the most used herbs in our house is mint and after the horrible winter our old mint plant had no hope of surviving so we bought a new mint plant in preparation of the salads and potatoes we'll be enjoying shortly. At just £2.50 for the plant it would have be silly not to take it home.

Of course if you're working in the garden you will also need a couple of little helpers.


And of course every garden needs to have a couple of colourful windmills.