A Little Ashdown Forest Picnic - CountryKids


I'm not sure if you noticed but the weather this weekend was amazing, in little olde Sussex it was almost like summer. So on Sunday we packed a little bag full of food and headed off to Ashdown Forest to have a little walk and enjoy a picnic. 20140316_110528

The views around the forest are amazing and as the trees and grass get more colour it looks even better. There was lots of walking involved and for the most part the girls were pretty good just a little bit of moaning here and there.


The real reason we went was for a picnic which the girls always enjoy, so when we found a good spot we rolled out the picnic blanket and made ourselves comfortable.


And of course you can't have a picnic in the sun without finishing it off with an ice cream.


On the whole I think the girls enjoyed it even if they did get tired legs but with the lovely weather there is no point sitting indoors and getting bored so get out there and enjoy it.


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