The Next Chapter

Any parent of a children that is school age will no what is just around the corner, the end is in sign and it's the end of the school holidays and the start of the next school year. For us it will be the start of Mia's first full year at preschool and for Aly it is the start of her second school year where she has moved from reception to Year 1. Aly is more than ready and during the summer she has continued her learning and has actually said she can't wait to start school again. She will no longer be the youngest class.

Aly will be 6 in a few months...flip that's scary! So she is one of the oldest in her class whereas 3-4 children in her class have only just turned 5 and at that age at school that is a big difference.

During her fist year at school the development and difference in her was incredible, her spelling, reading and writing leap on so much. I hope that she keeps that same hungry for learning throughout her whole school life and doesn't take after me who just gave up and never really cared too much.

I know a lot of parents who are just about to start the school journey with their little ones are have a fear over whether or not their child is ready and worried about this and that. We were kind of in the same place, although I wasn't worried as to how Aly would cope. I know it can be scary but the teachers have dealt with this every year and will help settle them in. It is a step learning curve you the little ones but they will often thrive and in a few months time you will look back on that moment and wonder what you was ever worried about. You will be full of pride in the way they have handled it and remember in just 7 years time they'll be starting secondary school!!