Playmobil 5135 Pirate Ship Review

Playmobil 5135 Pirate Ship Aly is a big Pirate fan, and in the past we've had Pirate parties and when she gets to dress up for a party or school she always asks to go as a Pirate so it was no surprise that when the Playmobil 5135 Pirate Ship arrived at home she was first to grab it.

The Pirate Ship is the largest item that we have, it is massive and has lots of working pieces. The first thing to do is construct the ship and for this you'll also need a screwdriver to attach the two parts of the ship together. In total the size measures 70 x 23 x 55 cm so it is a lot of ship for your money. To complete the ship it takes roughly 40mins and none of it is exactly brain taxing, just make sure when it comes to attaching the anchor and masts make sure you use the correct bits of string as they are different lengths.

Playmobil 5135 Pirate Ship Review

Once the ship is build you have a massive boat that easily wheels around and even floats on the water, you will need 6241 Ballast Weight just to keep it stable. Like most Playmobil sets you also get a huge selection of accessories such as firing canons, pirates, treasure and also a working anchor and pulley system.

This Pirate ship compliments the rest of the Pirate range beautifully.

The Playmobil 5135 Pirate Ship is available from the Playmobil Website priced at £44.74 head over there now

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