Mia's Teddy Bear Making Party

Our little Princess has just turned 7...those last 7 years seem to have completely flown past and it doesn't seem that long ago that we were holding her in our arms. 

It's true what they say that they don't stay small for very long. We've always alternated parties so one year it's Aly's turn and the next it's Mia's. Last year Aly decided on a bowling party and this year Mia wanted a teddy bear making party. 

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A Letter to my Girls

I’ve been asked by Compare the Market to write a letter to my daughters to read in the event that I am no longer here. The idea is to give them some advice on my personal experiences and things I've learnt. 

For some, it might seem like a strange thing to write but I actually found it enjoyable and fun to write and reflect on some of the things we've got up to so far. 

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Beautiful Beaumaris, A Family Day Out

We visited the beautiful town of Beaumaris as we'd been in a local town and fancied visiting a town with some shops and places to look around. Driving into the town it looks like a historic place kind of like Lewes in East Sussex or possibly Padstow in Cornwall. 

The previous places we'd visited in North Wales had so much to offer but this time we wanted gift shops, ice creams and to admire and enjoy a relaxing walk around a town. 

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Lunch With My Little Ones

Over the past week, the girls have gone back to school and seem to have settled back in without any problems. I can imagine for some this can be a stressful time of year but as the girls are in Year 5 and Year 2 we've got quite used to this. 

The end of the school holidays has meant that we've had to get back into the swing of things, the return of our routines. 

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#WeAreFamily with McCain

For us, family mealtimes play a big part in our life, and of those meals, dinner plays the biggest part. We don’t get to have breakfast together as we’re getting ready for school or work and people are in and out of the bathroom. This means that dinner time is even more important, as it’s a time when we catch up on our day’s.

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