3 Common Car Mistakes All Dad's Make At Least Once!

As a dad, you have a duty to look after your family car. Keep it in good condition, and ensure it lasts you a long time. The problem is, there are many common car mistakes all dads will make. These range from serious issues to trivial things that make your car a mess. So, I thought I’d reveal three big mistakes, in the hope that you’ll avoid them!

Leaving A Window Slightly Open Overnight

There are times when you're driving home from work and want to feel some fresh air on your face. So, you let the windows down and allow some breeze to enter your car. It relaxes you and cools you down after a long hard day at the office. On your journey home, you forget that the windows are even open, as you're used to the cold feeling. So, when you get home, you turn the engine off and forget to close them properly. Now, I'm not talking about leaving your windows open fully. Most people tend to notice that! It's when you've wound them down an inch or two, and forget to put them back up. It's not a massive problem, particularly if it's a dry night. But, if it rains, then you'll be greeted with a very wet car interior! Such a common mistakes as it's so easy to make.

Filling Your Car With The Wrong Fuel

I think it's fair to say we all remember our first time at a petrol station. Figuring out the correct fuel to put in your car is an absolute must. It's something most of us can do with our eyes close. However, there are times where we let our guard down, and make a big mistake. You drove a diesel car for years and became used to filling your car up with diesel every time you went to a fuel station. Then, you got a brand new family car that takes petrol. On your first trip to fill the tank, you accidentally put diesel in. A lot of people don't think this is an issue at all. But, the truth is, putting diesel in petrol engines can cause problems for your car. It damages the engine and needs to be sorted out ASAP. If you make this common car mistake, then let it be known there are many dads like you in the same boat!

Letting Your Kids Eat In The Car!

Yes, I had to include this in here as it is one of the biggest mistakes a dad can make. Letting your kids eat in your car sounds like a good idea, but it isn't. Unless you love having your family car full of crumbs and crisp wrappers. Do you know how often you have to clean out your car if your kids are eating in it regularly? Very often, and it can cost a lot too! Don't make this mistake, ban your kids from eating in your car from now on.

Avoid making these mistakes, and you’ll keep your family car in very good shape. Of course, if things really go wrong and you find yourself needing to fix your car make sure you pick the right spare part for your car by using www.EUSPARES.CO.UK 

If like me you're not very good at fixing cars yourself then www.YOUtube.com can come to the rescue. Have a watch of a few videos and you'll be set on the right path.