3 Incredibly Common Family Car Myths Busted!


All dads will experience the joys of shopping for a family car at least once in their life. Trying to find that perfect vehicle can be tough, particularly when some people claim you have to look for certain things. Today, I’ve busted some of the most common family car myths that I’ve seen on the internet.

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You Must Have A Big Family Car

Regular readers will know I wrote a piece about family cars not too long ago. In it, I made some arguments why SUVs are better than estate cars. What you’ll notice is that both these car types are big. As a result, a lot of people are led to believe they’re the only two options when buying a family car. They go out and look for a big vehicle because they think it’s essential. The truth is, you don’t need to have a big family car. If you have a big family, then yes, you’ll need one. It all comes down to common sense. If you have a three person family, it could be a waste of time buying a big car. They tend to cost more, and you can get more value from a smaller one.

Your Family Car Has To Be Boring And Not Fun

This is a common myth that a lot of dads get seduced into believing when they shop for a family car. You think your boy racer days are over, and you have to trade in thrills for a boring ride. Well, that’s not technically the case. You can get a perfectly safe and reliable family car, that also gives plenty of thrills. There are plenty of manufacturers that make affordable cars that are safe for your family and fast too. Just look at all the used BMW cars out there, or Mercedes and Range Rover. They all make various cars that would be ideal for driving your family around. And, these cars can give you a thrill when your family isn't in there with you. That’s the secret here, you have to drive it like a family car when they’re in with you. But, on your drive to work alone, you can put your foot down and get that boy racer thrill once more!

You Should Buy A New Family Car

The final myth is that you should always buy a new family car, as opposed to a used one. The reasoning behind this is that new cars are safer and more reliable than some used ones. However, I find this to be a gross generalisation. Sure, a lot of new cars come with great safety features that make a huge difference. But, my problem is that people seem to forget what a used car is. All it is is a car that someone bought new, and sold. That doesn’t mean it’s tatty and broken down, it doesn’t mean it’s old either. Buy a used family car, and you can save a lot of money for your family. Plus, you can still end up with a car that’s only a year or two old, possibly less!

So, don’t listen to any of these myths if you’re buying a family car. Hopefully, it should make the process easier and cheaper for you!

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