3 Key Things To Inspect When Buying A New Car

Have you had a new addition to the family? Or perhaps your old family car is starting to get worn down and needs replacing? Either way, there comes a time in every dad’s life where he has to go out shopping for a new car.

Generally speaking, it makes sense to buy a used car as you save money. However, you have to be careful that you don’t accidentally buy a car full of problems. So, here are three key things to inspect when buying a car:

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The Brakes

Safety is the most important thing to consider when buying a family car. The last thing you want is to buy a car that has bad brakes and puts everyone in danger. You need to spend some time test driving any car you’re looking at and getting a feel for the brakes. If they feel a bit loose or unresponsive, that’s a warning sign. Ideally, you want a care where the brakes are nice and firm, and you have a good feel for them when you’re pressing down on the pedal. This saves you paying for a car and then figuring out you need to pay even more to get the brakes fixed. It also saves you from getting into an accident with your family in the car thanks to the dodgy brakes you didn’t detect beforehand.

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The Exhaust System

This system is probably one of the most underrated parts of your car. It’s also an area that needs close inspection when buying a new car for your family. Most people are unaware of what an exhaust system actually does. Well, it’s main functions are to expel the fumes from your engine out the back of your car, as well as helping to diffuse the toxic emissions in those fumes and reduce noise. A good exhaust is nice and quiet while puffing out fumes that look like steam more than anything else. To detect a bad one, you should fire up the car you’re looking at and listen to the sound it makes. If it’s abnormally loud and there is lots of black smoke coming out of the exhaust, that’s a sign it’s dodgy. Buying a replacement exhaust can be costly if the whole system needs replacing. So, ensure you don’t get ripped off buying a car that needs this whole system repaired.

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The Engine

Of course, you need to pay attention to the engine when buying a car. There are a few things to look out for here, the first is leakage. Pop the bonnet and start up the engine looking for any oil leaks or any other fluids that are leaking. If you spot some, this isn’t a good sign. Likewise, you need to pay attention to how the engine sounds. If it’s a nice smooth rumble you know, it’s healthy. If it’s very clunky and sounds like it’s coughing, things aren’t so great. Don’t buy a car with engine troubles, they’re far too much work and not worth the hassle.

Give all three of these things a thorough inspection when buying your new car. If everything is okay, then you can go ahead and get your family a nice new ride.

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