5 Surprising Ways SUVs Are Better Family Vehicles Than Estate Cars


Whether you've got a family in tow or carry a lot of cargo in the boot, an estate has been the mainstay of many a motorist. That is until people decided to start buying SUVs instead! The "Sports Utility Vehicle" is the natural progression of estates and even people carriers.  

These days there are affordable SUVs and even ones in sub-formats like compact crossovers! If you've got a family you need to transport on a regular basis, here's why an SUV could be ideal for you:

  1. They have a higher driving position

When you're sitting high up in a car, you can survey the environment around you better. Estates, on the other hand, usually have a lower centre of gravity.

  1. SUVs can carry more stuff

One of the distinct differences between estate cars and SUVs is how they can carry more people and cargo! In fact, some SUVs will comfortably carry six passengers!

  1. Easier to get in and out of the vehicle

Because estate cars are often low to the ground, some people find it hard to get in and out of them. SUVs solve that problem because they are higher up than estates.

  1. SUVs don't depreciate as much as estate cars

If you're worried about your vehicle being worthless in five years, don't buy an estate car! Instead, stick to SUVs where the depreciation tends to stay low.

  1. SUVs look nicer than estate cars

Last, but not least, SUVs are automotive fashion icons! That's why even Premier League footballers have them:

Infographic Produced By whocanfixmycar
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