Make The Future Bright For Your Kids

After you have children, your world revolves around your little one. In fact, your number one aim is to make sure they have the best childhood. Therefore, you and your wife will try and bring them much joy and happiness over the years. But as well as worrying about the present, you need to turn your attention to the future. After all, you want to ensure your kids have the best possible start to adulthood. And you want them to be happy and financially secure, even when you are not around. To ensure this does occur, there are some things you can do now. In fact, here are some tips to ensure your kids have the best future possible.

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Packing It Up: The Family's Guide To Moving Home

Whether you are taking the next step on the property ladder, or simply moving to a place where the rent is cheaper and the rooms are bigger - it's likely that at some point in your life, you'll need to pack your bags and move. When you've got a family, it can be a lot more difficult than say, if you were single, or didn't have kids. Funnily enough, having a family is a big reason for a move - kids grow up and might need more space.

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Saving for University

I was never the most attentive student at school, don’t get me wrong I was fairly smart and passed all my exams I just didn’t put in much effort. I could do the work and seemed to thrive when it came to exams, the issue was I knew this so didn’t try my hardest.

Luckily for me, my girls enjoy school and enjoy learning. Even though they are still in primary school the topic of what they’d like to do has cropped up a few times, with Mia wanting to become a teacher and Aly...well anything to do with computers.

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A Woodland Walk

You can tell when the weather improves and Spring is on its way by the fact that the girls want to go on a walk in the local woods. Last weekend with the weather warming up a little bit the girls asked if we could have a walk in the woods. It was a little muddy but there were lots of signs of Spring plus it gave me the chance to grab some photographs. As a bonus the girls also let me take a few photos of them...this doesn't normally happen.


As anyone will know the trick to a good woodland walk is having the right sort of stick to assist you. This was Aly's first aim when we ended the woods, some were too weak, some too small but in the end, she found the perfect one.


Mia, on the other hand, was more than happy just to relax and enjoy the fresh air. There was also some tree climbing to take part in and somehow neither of them fell off which was a nice surprise.


Below is a collection of photos I captured of them, I'm not very good with words so I'll allow my photos to do the talking.

Country Kids

It’s Pie Week!!

There are certain times of the year that I remember…the girls birthday’s, the start of the F1 season and pie week. It doesn’t get the credit it deserves, the classic pie should never be forgotten; it's a thing to enjoy and treasure. I’ll admit something…there was a time when my girls were younger that I may have neglected the pie. I’m ashamed of myself.

Fast forward and Aly who’s 9 has developed a real love of having pie for dinner and this means we get to enjoy it lots and it’s our special meal. Of course, there are many beautiful pies you can savour like a warming steak pie but our personal favourite is a chicken pie.


To celebrate pie week what better meal to have than a chicken pie, some roast potatoes and a selection of vegetables. We’re a busy family with work and after school clubs and working the dinner that we prepared was all frozen. The #PowerOfFrozen is all about tasty food that is high quality and also convenient. It allows us as parents to be able to feed our girls quickly.


A good pie needs perfect pastry and lots of filing. Too often you get more sauce than actual meat and that’s just wrong. The Iceland pies are bursting with flavour and meat and you won’t be able to tell that they haven’t been made using Nan’s secret recipe. There’s no making of the pastry, no pre-cooking the meat, simply place on a baking tray and 30 minutes later you have an amazing tasting pie.


There are only 2 pie lovers in this house (shocking I know) and Aly was so impressed with them, she asked if we could have them again tomorrow. Lucky we bought a 4 pack of Iceland’s chicken pies so that we can spread it out across 2 meals! They are full of goodness and I’m safe in the knowledge that if Aly has one of these after swimming that she’s getting a good meal inside of her.

Pie week is something to celebrate, so what is your pie of choice?

This post is in collaboration with Iceland Foods.

Should Your Next Family Workhorse Be An Automatic?

While some people get by with a small to medium-sized vehicle, many parents with families in tow need large people carriers. They offer cavernous space inside and some cars can even seat up to seven people, including the driver. Family cars are useful for the short-haul school run journeys and long-distance motorway journeys alike. It’s no secret that most people in the United Kingdom drive a manual car. You don’t need me to talk to you about the advantages that a manual car offers. But, it seems that automotive technology is influencing car buyers to opt for automatics instead!

Just twenty years ago, you’d only find a few automatic cars on the road. And many of those would typically be high-end cars like Jaguars and BMWs. Today, it’s not unusual to see even small hatchbacks such as the Volkswagen Golf with an automatic gearbox of some description.


Image Obtained From Flickr

If you’re in the market for a new car, should you ditch the clutch and go for an auto box model? The answer is yes, in case you wondered! Confused? Let me explain why that makes perfect sense:

They use less fuel

An automatic that uses less fuel than a manual? Surely that’s got to be some kind of mistake, I hear you exclaim! The truth is, today’s modern automatic transmissions are electronic. Their computer brains make thousands of decisions a second and work with the main ECU in the car.

As a result, a new automatic car can shift up or down quicker than you can in a manual. Don’t believe me? There’s a tonne of evidence online to support that fact!

They are super easy to drive

When you get into an automatic car, you’ll notice that you’ve only got two pedals; the brake and the accelerator! You don’t have to change gears manually in an automatic, so there’s no need for a clutch pedal. Simply stick the gear lever into “Drive” and away you go!

Of course, going from a manual to an automatic can take a lot of getting used to. As strange as the suggestion is, you may wish to consider taking a couple of driving lessons to get used to driving an automatic.

You can still drive the car like a manual (sort of)

There are various types of automatic transmissions in use today. The most popular type is the dual-clutch and Tiptronic designs. They have the typical Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive gears that you’d expect in an auto. However, you can shift up or down five or more gears as if you were in a manual. The only difference is, you don’t need to use a clutch to shift!

No clutch replacement costs

All manual car drivers know that a clutch needs to get replaced every so often in a vehicle’s lifetime. With an automatic, you never need to do that! In fact, most transmissions only need an oil change every 100,000 miles.

So, when will you take the plunge and buy an automatic family workhorse? There’s plenty to choose from nowadays, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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