My Father's Day Meal

Father's Day is approaching in a matter of weeks and the girls for once are getting prepared. Normally they buy a few small things such as chocolates or a voucher but this time I thought I would test them.

I asked them to cook me one of my favourite meals...lamb shanks. For me, this is one of those luxury meals that I never really get, as neither of the girls like meat on the bone. I tend to just get this meal either when out at a restaurant on special occasions.

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The Big Cat Sanctuary with Red Letter Days

As parents, it's not too often that we get to go off and do what we want. We do try to enjoy a night away in London once a year but we wanted something different, an adventure that we'd never usually get to do. 

A few week's ago Red Letter Days got in touch and asked us if we'd like to take part in their Bucket List campaign and was there anything we'd like to do. 

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Mia's Dream Pet

Mia, the youngest in our house is mad on animals and her whole bed and bedroom are covered in so many soft toys. She has everything from cats and dogs to her favourite animal turtles. But there is one thing missing from her collection and that is her dream pet. 

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Inspired by Women's Football

Growing up there was only ever one thing on my mind and that was football, it didn’t matter if it was raining outside or bright sunshine, I would still be kicking a ball. I played for any team I could, the school team, the town team or just a group of children on the field...I loved to play football.

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