A Day Out at Welsh Mountain Zoo

On route to our weeks stay in North Wales we planned a stop off at the Welsh Mountain Zoo, this was midway between Stoke-on-Trent and our hotel. 

As the name suggests this is high up in the mountains that surround Colwyn Bay and to get there you do feel like you are driving into the clouds. Narrow roads take you to the entrance gate and before you park up you have to pay the entrance fee to the staff in the wooden huts. Parking is free and plenty of it. 

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Personalized Gift Ideas

Buying gifts for other adults seem to get much harder as you get older. Many people buy themselves what they want or need, and so already have everything they want. People also drift apart over time and share less of their lives. Or, in the case of long-term partners and close friendships, you buy them gifts that often, for that many years it becomes hard to remember what you’ve already bought them and tougher to keep coming up with new ideas. Personalized gifts make a fantastic option. They are unique, trendy and they are unlikely to get the same thing twice. Here’s a look at some of the best-personalized gifts going.

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A New Mattress from Sloane & Son's

The average person sleeps 6 - 8 hours per day and it they're granted a lie-in then...well they're just lucky. 

The bed is where we spend around a 1/4 of our day so it goes without saying that this space should be relaxing and comfortable. 

When you have children and they get ill or scared they go straight to mummy & daddy's bed and even as our girls get older this is still true. A sickness bug...in they come, a thunder storm...in they come and so on and so on. 

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Keeping the Children Active with Sun-Pat

Any parent will know that the trick to the Summer holidays is keeping the children entertained and to try for as long as possible keep the words 'we're bored' at bay. 

We've teamed up with Sun-Pat who have created an amazing Fuelling Family Guide which is full of brilliant ideas such as having a treasure hunt, playing cricket and so much more. In the guide, there are 42 different activities to enjoy. 

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Our Brunch Crumpets

On a weekend brunch is something we get to enjoy especially on a Sunday. Not a weekend goes by where we don't enjoy a brunch if we are having a day out with time it perfectly so we arrive for a little mid-morning delight. 

If at home we tend to alternate between, pancakes, waffles and crumpets and I wanted to share a new recipe we've recently stumbled upon to make crumpets more savoury than sweet. 

My wife has always been a butter and jam kinda person but I prefer something a little different. 

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Family Fruit Picking

Every year we try to make an effort and go fruit picking. It's a simple activity and one everyone seems to enjoy, a little picnic, the sampling of the fruit and getting some fresh air. 

We're not ones to fill our punnets up to the brim with fruit that we're never going to eat, instead, we still to what we like so that's strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. 

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Five Hobbies That Will Get You Out the House

If you find yourself stuck in the house after you’ve finished work, it’s probably time to have a look at getting a hobby to give you some much needed fresh air. Whether you work full-time from home or you’re studying for a nurse practitioner doctorate degree using one of the online doctoral nursing programs, a decent hobby is something to enjoy and keep you active. If you’re running out of ideas when it comes to choosing a hobby, have a look at some of the popular choices below that you may not have thought of.

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Aly’s Dream Horse

Just up the road from us, we have a place called Sussex Horse Rescue, a place that looks after horses and donkeys that have been injured or abandoned.

During the Summer months, this is open on a Sunday with a small admission fee which helps pay for the upkeep and every year they also produce a charity calendar...which I'm taking the photos for this year.

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New Tools from FFX

I'm not going to beat about the bush, DIY isn't my thing. I can go the odd bit here and there, I can wave a paintbrush about and built furniture but can't push it much further than that. 

An ongoing joke in the house is that I don't have a spanner, not a single spanner...why would I? What would I need one for? 

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