A Spectacular Family Holiday in Sicily

Family holidays (despite the inevitable stress that comes with them) are truly when you and your kids will build memories together that will last for the rest of your lives. They are an opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children away from the, often busy, schedules of daily life back home. They also open up the world to your little ones, and offer mum and dad with a much-needed relaxing break, all along with beautiful weather, turquoise waters, and delicious food. However, they can also be huge expense that many families simply cannot justify. Of course, every family has to understand their own budget, but some European destinations offer all the fantastic things a great family holiday can give, without costing you an arm and a leg. One of these destinations, and perhaps one of the most beautiful, is Sicily- Italy’s jewel at the base of its heel. Full of history, culture, nature, and of course, food- Sicily has a lot to offer! Here are some ideal Sicilian destinations for a brilliant family holiday.


Located on the Northern coast of Sicily, Cefalu is popular with foreigners, and Italians. It combines beautiful beaches and clear waters with a picturesque and historical small town. Its beautiful medieval structures are truly beautiful, and fans of Italian cinema will recognise the town as the setting of the classic Italian film ‘Cinema Paradiso’. Because of everything it has to offer Cefalu attracts a lot of visitors but it is easy to find your own little haven there, Wishsicily offers family villas for those seeking a cost effective Cefalu holiday. Renting a villa in Sicily is a good idea in general as it allows everyone more space, and a more homely feel for the children, plus you can buy incredibly low cost and delicious fresh food to cook at home for the family.


This Sicilian coast town on the bottom of the stunning Mount Etna, is a beautiful city that was rebuilt after a volcanic eruption destroyed it in 1669. Make sure you visit the Catania Cathedral, one of the most stunning cathedrals in the world with the façade designed by Gian Battista Vaccarini himself. It is impossible not be enthralled by the sheer depth of beauty to be witnessed in Catania. This is a thriving city that can be busy and a little chaotic at times so if a laid back atmosphere is what you want you may need to look elsewhere, however you can really get a feel of the true Sicily and some of the country’s most delicious dishes.


With its long history, Palermo offers many aesthetic beauties to behold. The gardens are one of the main draws- sprawling throughout the city in abundance. The markets, architecture, and historic attractions like churches leave little to be desired. The Catacombe dei Capuccini might whet the appetite of some of the most curious travellers. It is an underground labyrinth of crypts under the Capuchin monastery. And when you are done with these, stroll through some of the finest markets in the land. Palermo is truly a melting pot of history and cultures from Europe to North Africa and the architecture really reflects this.


Taormina offers more than just a town, but an experience. It is midway between Catania and Messina, and offers an abundance of sights to see, including museums, a Greek Theatre (that plays host to plenty of concerts during the season), and of course, many shops, restaurants, and even puppet shows, which are great for the kids. Taormina is a wonderful place to people watch, as well as gazing out on the fantastic panoramic views and clear waters.

Sicily is absolutely a must visit place when you consider travel. The weather is beautiful- not too hot or cold so long as you choose the right months to visit. The people are friendly and more laid-back than mainland Italians (if that is possible!) and the atmosphere provides a truly authentic Italian experience- complete with some of the most delicious food in the world. Sicily is one of the world’s most unspoilt and beautiful destinations.

Guest post by Emily Jones