Boohoo Kids Clothing Range Review


Most people will have heard of Boohoo, they're the clothing company that always has a catchy tune in their adverts. The sort of tune that gets in your head for the rest of the day. Well this month they launched their first ever Boohoo Kids Clothing Range. 

Both girls are of the age where they are independent and want to pick their own clothes. The first thing I noticed when we sat down to pick a few items was that it's not too childish and also it's not expensive. With the girls 6 & 9 they are growing so quickly so we're having to pick new clothes every few months...this is an expensive hobby!

Both girls are different and Mia picked herself a cute Christmas dress which cost just £8.

Boohoo Kids Rudolph Dress

The fabric is lovely and soft and will be perfect for her to wear to her school Christmas party and also for Christmas day. Mia isn't the biggest so we went for size 5-6 and it was just the right size.

Aly on the other hand isn't one to wear dresses so she picked a great jumper with a phrase on the front which is ideal for her.

Boohoo Unicorn Sweat Top

It might make a change if she blames the unicorns rather than her sister. Aly tells me it very comfy and really warm, so it's perfect for the Autumn weather.

They both were allowed to pick one final item each and somehow they managed to pick the same t-shirt but in different colours.


If ever there was a t-shirt to sum the both of them up then it would be this one. Overall we loved the items and the girls really liked them which is a really winner for us. These two t-shirts were £5 each so the total order value was £26 which personally is good value.

If you'd like to find out more about the Boohoo Kids Clothing Range check out their website.

We were given a voucher code for these items, all thoughts and opinions are our own.