Building my First House in Minecraft on Xbox One S


If you saw our post the other day involving our unboxing of the Xbox One S the girls mentioned that they wanted to teach me how to play Minecraft. Both of the girls have played this quite a lot and they have also watched lots of people playing on Minecraft so they know what they're doing. This video we take you on a journey from start to finish of me making my first house.

The video is quite a long one but I'd never played it before. I also talk to a few villagers, find a cave and also almost fall down a well.

As well as us or the girls mainly playing Minecraft we having been using the Xbox as a central media hub. When the girls let us we've been watching Netflix through it and my personal favourite is being able to stream YouTube using the Xbox app.

I'm personally a big gamer when I get the chance, a particular favourite of mine has always been FIFA and I've been playing that even if I'm not the best. When the girls are asleep that's when I break out Battlefield 1 which is simply amazing and the graphics are stunning. Just make sure you don't play that when children are about.

Even though the girls are loving Minecraft they have added a couple of games to their Christmas such as a couple of Lego ones and especially the Lego Dimensions game.

If you plan on giving one as a present this year I'd suggest setting it up for them rather than giving as a boxed unit as you'll more than likely need to set the wifi, accounts and possibly some updates.

Here's a brilliant video on what to do before giving an Xbox One as a present on Christmas Day

We were sent this XBox One S Minecraft Special Edition for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.