Can You Really Cut The Cost Of Having A Car?

Having a car can often be essential for your family life. Although you may wish to walk a lot more in life, you can often need your car to get around a lot quicker or to do the school run with multiple drops - especially if you live in a remote location, or your child’s school isn’t within walking distance. But, it’s hard not to notice that having a car has its woes. Not only can you worry about its effects on the environment, but the cost of running a car can also be high. However, it is possible to cut back on costs in a few different ways.

Walk When You Can

Firstly, one of the most effective ways of saving money when it comes to your car is to use it less. Although there may be certain situations that you do need your car for, you may find that you can walk a lot more in others. If you have to drive for the school run, why not compensate that by walking to your local shop when you need a few bits and bobs? Not only will you save on fuel, but you will also feel better for it.

BlackBox Insurance

Alongside fuel, another high expense that comes with running your car can be insurance. When you have multiple cars to insure, and multiple people, the monthly and yearly costs can start to add up. However, there is a way that you can show that you deserve cheaper insurance. If you’re a sensible driver, you might want to think about opting for BlackBox insurance that uses telematics to show that you are driving well. Then, you get rewarded by insurers for that with discounts.


Sometimes, it’s the actual process of owning a car that can cost. You will always have to pay for fuel and insurance when you’re a driver, but when you own your own car, you’re also responsible for the ongoing maintenance - especially as the car gets older and becomes more unreliable. However, when you lease a car from a service like All Car Leasing, not only are you getting a newer model that is likely to have its three-year warranty, the prospect of having to deal with maintenance is a lot lower.

Regular Services

However, if you do own a car and you continue to go on owning a car, you’re going to want to start taking your services a lot more seriously. Whether you have an older car, or you’ve just bought yourself a newer model, staying on top of regular services can often save you on silly maintenance costs later on down the line. You can also catch any issues early so that they don’t go on to cost you more in the future.

Run Just One Car

And, of course, you do also have the option of cutting back your car usage to just one car. This may not be possible if you each need a car to head to work (or school drop offs) in different directions, but if you can car share or use public transport, sharing just one family car can often save you half of your current costs.