Caring For The Environment By Getting Out Of Your Car

We live in a car-centric society, which is great for convenience, but not so good for the environment. In our bid to go greener, there are viable options for travelling, without the need to get behind the wheel of a car.

The following alternatives are environmentally friendlier, and may even save you money.

Take the bus

Okay, so we all know the adage, you wait an hour for one bus to turn up then three do all at once. Buses can be frustrating, and they can also be overcrowded. However, they use fewer fuel emissions than cars and are also a safer way to travel. One day we will have a better transit system, with bus-only lanes and roads, but until then we will still have to wait in traffic with other road users. However, at least you won’t be the one having to navigate your way through the heavily congested roads, giving you the opportunity to sit back and read the newspaper.

Hop on the train

Again, at certain times of the day, trains can become overcrowded with people heading off to work. Train fares are also rising on a regular basis, so why should you use the train? As with buses, if you are travelling to work, sitting on a train will give you the opportunity to make an early start with your tasks for the day. You can quickly source a wi-fi connection so browsing the internet is an option, for work or pleasure. You can also sit back and relax, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, whatever your destination.

Use your feet

We all need exercise, so if you have the capacity to walk, you really should. If you don’t have to be somewhere quickly, take your time and enjoy the health benefits that walking can bring. Being out in the fresh air is good for your lungs, and you will also build up muscle weight in your legs as you move. In our fast paced society, where everybody is in a rush to get somewhere, taking a walk is an excellent way to take stock of your life in a relaxing way.

Riding on two wheels

Whether you ride a bicycle, motorbike or electric scooter, using two wheels instead of four is a nippier way to travel.  Motorbikes and electric scooters are better for the environment, using fewer fuel emissions and are cheaper to ensure. Whatever two-wheeled vehicle you ride, it is great to have the wind in your face and the sun on your back, instead of being confined in a car.


Finally, if you really do prefer the comfort of a car, it doesn’t have to be your own. When travelling to work, buddying up with somebody to car share will save you both money if you halve the fuel costs. You will also have someone to talk to on the journey, even if it's only to moan at the fun-loving cyclists zipping past you as you sit in the heavy traffic.

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