Day Out on a Rowing Boat at Barcombe Mills


Over the weekend as the weather was lovely we decided to visit Barcombe Mills to enjoy a little row on a boat. Barcombe is just a few miles down the road from us but we'd never visited before.

For hundreds of years The Anchor Inn has enjoyed boating rights over one of the most beautiful parts of the River Ouse, stretching from the Anchor Inn to the attractive Fish Ladder Falls extending below Sutton Hall.

Barcombe Mills Boating
The place opens at 10am and as it was a nice day we thought it would get really busy so we headed off first thing. You arrive a quite looking pub set right on the River Ouse and the water looking so calm.

As we really didn't know what to expect we were totally blow away with the views and just how beautiful the river looked and some of the wildlife we saw. As we daily vlog I thought I'd share the video for this day out to help give you a better idea.

This was not sponsored and we didn't get asked to visit as part of a review but I'll add the prices just in case you happened to be looking for something to do over the holidays. These prices are per hour £6.00 per adult and £3.00 per under 14.

The girls really loved rowing the boat and I think they done a better job than us, it's a fun day out especially when the weather is beautiful with blue skies and fluffy clouds.

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