A New Dawn for the LoveAllDads Podcast - Episode 117



We've started a new dawn, a new era for the LoveAllDads podcast...for we have a new sponsor in the form of NewOnNetflix. New On Netflix keeps you up to date with all the latest additions and upcoming removals on Netflix UK and more.

New on Netflix UK
So the team of @Photalife@FloydUK@DiaryoftheDad and @dadwhoblogs are back from a little break with fire in our belly.

Last weekend Tom and I attended BritMums Live, we start by covering this and a few of our thoughts. Overall it was a good event and you can read our posts on the matter.

BML16 - BritMums Live 2016
We couldn't have a show and not talk about Brexit. John has a few things to say on the matter and is passionate about the matter. As we all voted to stay IN we all have the same views.

How do you feel about the matter? How do you think this will affect your life and family?

To help perk us up Tom has a story to show that there are good people in the World. With all the bad news and the press saying bad things it's nice to hear that good people to still exist.

Make sure you listen right to the end to hear John's remixing.

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