The Essentials Of Organising The Perfect Super Bowl Party



Super Bowl LI is nearly here, and even the most casual of NFL fans will be staying up to watch the action from Houston, Texas. Sadly, the timings mean that us English folk will be getting the broadcast in the middle of the night. I don’t know about you, but heading out to a bar at that time on a Sunday doesn’t appeal. The obvious solution: bring the party to you!

I’ve already offered my guide to organising a film date night, but there comes a point for Dad to have some fun with his friends too. So grab your phone and send a group text to the boys, it’s time for some football. Oh, and if NFL isn’t your thing, then most of these tips can be utilised for the next big Champions League, boxing, or tennis event.

The Arena

It might not quite be the NRG Stadium, but turning your living space into a suitable venue for the game is crucial. First and foremost, you need to know that the TV is set up in style. A projector screen is great if you have one, but it’s not crucial. Likewise, surround sound speakers can enhance the event.

More importantly, though, you need to have enough seating for your guests. Buying a new sofa for one night probably isn’t a wise move, but giant beanbag chairs will do just the trick. Moreover, their versatility ensures that you’ll get usage out of them time and time again.

Finally, you might want to cover sofas and delicate materials with blankets as a precautionary measure. Let’s face it; if you stain the carpet with drink, your wife will probably make this party your last.

Food & Drink

If there’s one thing we can learn from our American friends, it’s that a Super Bowl party requires great food and drink. Being Sunday night, you might not want to get hammered, but a few beers will certainly go down a treat.



Food is where you can truly take your gathering to the next level. Sure, a few sausage rolls and pizza slices are great. However, this nachos recipe from Taste Of Home will take enjoyment to the end zone.

Getting a takeaway is an option too. At this time of night, however, it might be hard to find one that’s open – particularly a good one.


Unlike a game of association football, the Super Bowl does drag on a bit. When the game is in play, the drama is intense. However, the breaks and the half-time show can get a little boring. Filling those gaps in style is key.

We all know that a little dabble on the game adds to the excitement. A sweepstake on guessing the score will add a competitive edge. Alternatively, you could take some sports tips from the experts at Betting Gods. Either way, a casual punt can be a great addition – especially if you aren’t a fan of either the Patriots or Flacons.

As for the big breaks in play, having the PS4 at the ready can make all the difference. If that fails, a deck of cards will suffice. Ultimately, as long as your mates are entertained and stocked up with food and drink, your NFL party will be a hit.

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