Helping your Child Find Their Perfect Career


As the girls start to get older and older naturally thoughts start to turn to their future. In a few years Aly will be finishing Primary School and moving on to Secondary School...a scary thought. At the moment she's still too young to know what she wants to do in her life but we can do things to set her on the right path. Neither my wife nor I went to University through choice but Aly may decided that she wants to go. No matter where you live this is an expensive thing to do so even before she was 1 we set up funds to allow her the opportunity if she wishes.

In the image below which has been put together by DeluxeMaid you'll see lots of brilliant facts and tips on how you can help your child to find their perfect career. We have an open mind and whatever Aly wants to do she can do. There won't be any of using demanding and urging to follow a certain career path. The same is true of Mia but as she's only just finished her first year at school she hasn't found her favourite subject.

Looking at the graph what stood out for you?

Have you started thinking about your child's career?

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