Making Money Through Photography- Is it Really Possible?

Turning a passion into a job is not always easy, and definitely, requires some hard work. Nonetheless, when we’re talking about photography the job hunt is different from the other fields. There are many professional photographers working and earning a living, and even though it is not simple to go from taking photos as a hobby to then turning that into a money making business, it is doable. You don’t just need to have a camera and photography skills, but also business skills. However, most business skills can be learnt and the Internet is a good place to start. Checking out blogs full of business and career tips such as the Jobrapido blog is a good way to start improving business skills and finding work. Here are some potential ways you can make money with your photography!

Stock Photos

A great way to start you on the path to success with photography is the stock photo road. What this entails is selling your photos to websites that then offer the photos to different businesses, companies, and anybody looking for a specific type of picture; the photos can pretty much cover anything. Try and take photos of uncommon objects that may not be covered as much by the rest of the photography world. Bloggers are often hunting for royalty free images to use alongside their articles, so relatively generic pictures that could fit a few categories (e.g. a man wearing a suit looking at a laptop) are also popular but you can find tips on the best selling stock images online.

Photography Tutor

With photography being a popular passion, many beginners look for teachers to show them the way. The tutoring can be online or in person, and not only is it also a way one can network and get to know other photographers, but it also gives you the chance to revise, and improve your own skills. If you live in an area that attracts visitors, photography tours are also very popular. Just study up on local history, and offer advice on capturing the best images at each location and you’ll find that you’ll be able to earn some decent cash.

Photography Blog

Creating a photography blog is an option that you’ve probably read and heard about quite a bit- not to mention the ones you’ve seen online too. Nonetheless, a blog is a great way to get your work out there. It allows you the freedom to showcase your pictures, write about what inspires you, and the projects you’d like to work on. Through the blog you have the possibility of being contacted either to advertise and promote your own work; not to mention it’s a great way for clients to contact you personally after having seen your work up close. You will also find you become part of a larger community of online photographers, and this may well lead to new opportunities.

Nightclub Photographer

Perhaps the most fun out of all the possible roads for photography, the nightclub photographer is a position that calls for dancing and working at the same time. OK, you don’t have to dance the whole time, but if the dancers see you interacting with them, their shyness will decrease and you’ll have great photos! Not only would you be allowed free entrances to clubs and parties, but you would be learning a whole new set of photography skills as well. Make sure you have a working flash, lots of energy, and student nights that you can photograph. Perhaps best suited to a young photographer who doesn’t have to get up too early the next day!

Photo booth photographer

An up and coming field, the photo booth photographer takes photos of guests at various events and gatherings like weddings, parties, conferences, etc... Although this is not exactly a position that will allow you to improve your photography skills too much (the props and subjects may change but the style of the photo will generally always be the same), it is definitely a great way to make money through photography. Also, keep in mind that a skill you would be improving would be the editing portion after; the more effects and funny the photos are, the better! Investing in some comedy props, and an interesting backdrop will help with your success in this field.

So, whether you want it to become your career, or you just have a passion for photography and fancy making a little extra spending money whilst doing it, there are ways for both. Do keep in mind though that you need commitment and patience, and that you must be a hard worker who is not afraid to get up and go. Start shooting!

Guest post by Emily Jones