Man Cave Must-Haves: Essential Items For The Perfect Man Cave


Credit: Elizabeth Anderson (Flickr)

Spending time with your family is great. But now and then, you need your own space to kick back and do man things. Whether you want to relax with a couple of beers or have some mates around for a poker night, you’ll want a man cave.

If you have a spare room, this might be a prime candidate for your man cave. You could also use your garage or basement if there’s enough room. Once you’ve found the right space, you can start decking it out with the coolest stuff. Here are some must-haves for your man cave.

TV And Entertainment Systems

The TV set is the centrepiece of a man cave. You might even want the biggest television in the house in here. After all, you’ll be using it for important operations like watching the Premier League and Tarantino flicks.

As well as an impressive flat screen, you may want a few other additions. A media streaming box lets you watch NetFlix, stream videos, and listen to music or podcasts, so it’s another essential.

You should also get surround speakers to make the most of all your entertainment. You’ll have a lot of wires to organise, so you might want to mount your TV for more space. Services such as TV installation by JNB can help you set everything up.

For some extra fun, you might even want to hook up a games console. You don’t have to splash out on the newest systems- you could get a cheap N64 or Playstation off eBay and enjoy some retro gaming.

A Bar Area

Nothing beats relaxing with a few drinks. You’ll want a well-stocked bar in your man cave, especially for when you have friends over.

A mini-fridge for your beers, a bar counter, and some barstools are the bare necessities. You may also want a shelf to stock with whisky, rum, and glasses. Of course, the bar is a big attraction for your man cave, so you may want to go all out. Check out some man cave bar ideas for inspiration.

Games Tables

A coffee table for your drinks is one of the first things you should install. But if you have room for another table, make it a games table you can enjoy with the lads.

Set up a pool table for some fun games with your friends. You could even make it interesting by putting a bit of money on it. Playing pool isn’t the only option, though. Maybe poker is your game, or you prefer a bit of table footie. You can even get a multi-games table to enjoy all of them and more!

Workout Equipment

A man cave is a place to de-stress. Sometimes the best way to do that is by taking a run or pumping some iron.

There’s plenty of cheap home gym equipment you can get, even with limited space. You might want a treadmill to run on while you watch your favourite TV shows. You can also find dumbbell sets for relatively cheap if you prefer strength training.

The Comfiest Recliner

You’ll want to kick back and enjoy all that you have created. You might want a comfy sofa to accommodate people you have over. But you’re the king of this cave, so get a comfortable recliner to use as your throne.

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