Moving House - An Idiot’s Guide


Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. While it’s not up there with death or divorce, it usually tends to crop up in conversation in the pub and tends to be followed with the words “I’m not moving again...ever!”. If the thought of moving the kennel, the kids toys and the old Triumph simultaneously gives you the shakes, then have a look at this quick cheat sheet for moving home (for the final time).

“It has a roof! Yippee!!”

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Sort The Bills

Make sure to contact each energy supplier and local authority and inform them of the date you’re leaving and to what address you’ll be moving to, so they can bill you up to that last date.

Redirect Your Post To The New Address

“But I’ve just contacted all my energy suppliers” I hear you shout! Yes, but how many things have you ordered online in the past? And did you tell absolutely everyone about where you were off to? The Royal Mail provide this service for a small fee and is valid for up to 6 months so the hassle is taken away faster than your down payment.

Packing Your Items

The most heart breaking chore is usually the messiest. Spending hours going through your past, you realise how much pointless rubbish you’ve accumulated. Be ruthless, pictures of old friends are fine, train tickets with an old flame’s number on it isn’t!

Labelling boxes helps to be a massive time saver come moving day. Label the top and side of the boxes with which room they will going to, and a description of what's inside. That way, if you do break the glasses, you should’ve known better than to not read the box first! If you’re stuck for cardboard boxes, your local supermarket will have a bunch out back. Just ask in the store instead of waiting for the coast to be clear.

Do You Need Transport?

While your father-in-law means well with his spacious hatchback, it may not be able to fit your grand piano. Shiply Car Transportation and other reputable companies can provide different size vehicles so you don’t have to drive with your face to the dashboard.

Moving Day

The big day has finally come! Just keep calm and have a system in place, such as one person on the van/car while someone inside can unpack or move items into a place that’s out of the way. Make sure that you move your furniture into the new house first, so you don’t keep having to manoeuvre boxes every time a new chair comes through the door.

If the weather isn’t like Barbados outside, flatten some of the cardboard boxes and lay them down to avoid watery or muddy footprints.

Once all is moved in, make sure that your former home is presentable and clean, and there you have it! Have some well-earned family time or just collapse in a relieved heap. You’ve done it, congratulations! Now, don’t do it again.

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