Packing It Up: The Family's Guide To Moving Home

Whether you are taking the next step on the property ladder, or simply moving to a place where the rent is cheaper and the rooms are bigger - it's likely that at some point in your life, you'll need to pack your bags and move. When you've got a family, it can be a lot more difficult than say, if you were single, or didn't have kids. Funnily enough, having a family is a big reason for a move - kids grow up and might need more space.


At this point, it's likely you've already chosen your perfect property. So, it's time to get on with the important stuff - namely packing and getting your things to a new place.Before you begin to pack, talk to your utility providers and get them transferred in advance of the move. If you leave this until the last minute, you'll have a lot more to do.

You've got to really take time, to sift through everything around you and pack into labelled boxes. A really good idea is to sell the things you don't need so you can build a fund for DIY projects or renovations in the new home. If you aren't taking furniture, or other items - sell it off. Moving home is hard enough without transporting unwanted furniture or items around. Packing is the perfect way to identify objects and items that you no longer need. Get your packing boxes a long time before you begin to pack and be careful not to fill every box to the brim - this can lead to breakage. Heavy duty boxes are a good idea for moving all manner of objects to ensure that the boxes do not split or warp during the move. It’s a good idea to get the family involved. IF you have kids, put them in charge of packing their own things, or if they are too young to at least sort out the stuff they want to bring, so you can concentrate on the important stuff. It'd also be very wise to book your home removals in advance with a company like Shiply - leaving this until the last minute will cause problems that you don't need on the day of the move. On the off chance that you might need more vehicles than a removal company can currently offer - rent a truck and drive it yourself to align with removal services. You’ll have to shop around for a good deal so, so identify this information before you actually need it.


Kids might be wary about moving to a new home - that’s normal. The current house has given them a lot of memories and it is a nice familiar place for them. There are no end to the family films which feature kids getting upset at a home move only to discover new adventures - that’s exactly what this is. A new adventure. Just reassure them, get them on board and get them excited. This is easier if you involve them in the moving process from the get go.

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