Parents Must Be Aware Of These Road Dangers And How To Prevent Them

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The roads are a dangerous place and, when you’re a parent, you must take this danger seriously. Commonly parents don’t because they think, as long as they’re driving safe, their kids are safe. This isn’t true of course, and an accident could occur through no fault of your own. However, just because the accident wasn’t your fault, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t have prevented it. You might have been able to if you had approached the dangers of the road with a different level of understanding.

A lot of people, you might be one of them, have quite a laid-back attitude when it comes to driving. They think that the chances of them crashing are quite small. Particularly, if they see themselves to be good drivers. We should remember, particularly as parents, that we’re travelling in a vehicle, usually at more than sixty miles per hour. If you do have to brake, you may not be able to avoid a crash. At that point, your family could be seriously injured. We don’t mean to scare you but these are the facts and you need to be aware of them. There are plenty of ways to avoid getting caught in an accident. To examine this, we’re going to look at some of the dangers of the road. Then we’ll note the steps that you can take to reduce the risk of endangering your family.

Truckers And The Shocking Statistic


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Last year, there were over hundred thousand road accidents caused by truck drivers. Why is this and what makes these vehicles such a hazard on the road? Well, the sheer size of them should be enough to give you pause for thought. There is evidence to suggest that these trucks are so big, it’s impossible for the driver to see everything happening around them. This makes them a liability on the road. As well as this, logically a truck isn’t going to stop as fast as a car. There’s too much weight behind it, and it’s not full attached. Thus, if the truck does brake, the trailer is going to swing out, causing a danger to any passing cars. This isn’t the only issue either. We know that fatigue is one of the greatest dangers on the road. That’s why you can’t drive twenty miles on the main road without seeing a sign telling you to stop for a break. Truckers don’t always stop.

Many are working to a deadline. They feel obligated to keep going and reach a destination within a certain time limit. Dangerous, certainly but there is no doubt that like in every other job, truckers go the extra mile. The only difference is that when they do it, they might be putting other road users at risk.

So, how can you avoid an accident with a truck on the road? The best way is to take special care and attention when driving around trucks. Give them a wide berth performing an overtake and make sure they see you before carrying out a manoeuvre. You may want to leave some time before signalling and moving out into the road. All these points should make the truck less of a hazard. Watch closely how the truck driver is performing on the road as well. If the truck is swerving, even slightly, it suggests that the driver is tired. Stay clear from this vehicle, never getting too close.

Deadly Dangerous Drivers


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There are plenty of actions that can mean someone is driving dangerously. They might be talking on their phone, having an argument or driving angrily. They could be tired, intoxicated or even using a substance while at the wheel. Naturally, you should avoid all of these activities while driving yourself. Even having an argument while driving can be just as distracting as using a cellphone. Also be aware that while it may be legal to drive with one hand, it is less safe than keeping both on the wheel. What about other drivers, though?

Well, there are signs for all of these issues on the road. If a driver is angry or having an argument, you might notice erratic gestures. If they are arguing with someone in the backseat, they will keep looking around. People using substances might have smoke coming from their car window. While drunk drivers won’t be able to keep a straight line and will have slower reaction times. The same is true for drivers who are tired on the road. All these signs are things that you must watch out for. Again, like the truckers, keep your distance from cars like this. They are an accident waiting to happen. Remember, if someone like this does cause you to crash, you can make a car accident body injury claim. It is likely that you will receive some form of compensation for damages to your family.

As a parent, you may want to take an extra precaution driving on the road with your children. Drivers will instinctively take more care around cars with children in the back. This is one way you can protect yourself from drivers suffering from road rage. As such, you may want a sign that says something like ‘kids on board’ in your car.

Woeful Weather Conditions


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You may have heard that most car accidents are not caused by human actions at all. This is true. The majority of accidents will be caused by environmental hazards such as weather conditions. It’s not a secret that a wet road is far more dangerous to drive on than a dry one. You have to take special care during conditions such as this. You may want to reconsider driving at all in torrential rain. Even at speeds as low as fifty, there is the chance that you could aquaplane. You might see other cars travelling at higher speeds on wet roads. However, there are two facts that you must remember here.

First, just because they haven’t crashed yet doesn’t mean that they won’t. Second, their car might be better equipped to handle these conditions than yours is. Aquaplaning is one of the scariest things that can happen when driving. You have no chance of preventing a crash and control is taken away from you completely. You can’t steer into the skid or away from it because you’re not skidding. The car is no longer touching the road and rather, is skating across the water. You can’t even slow your speed.

Therefore, if you think the weather is dangerous, drive as slowly as you like. It is far better to do this than risk your children being involved in a horror crash.

Keeping Your Car Safe


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Don’t forget that the car you choose to drive on the road does have an impact on the safety of your family. Some cars are certainly safer to drive than others. An example is SUVs. Technically speaking, SUVs are far safer to drive compared with other cars. Your family is higher up off the road and has an increased level of protection. Also, be aware that car braking distances vary. You should choose a vehicle that has the best braking distance available. Cars with better braking distances are, unfortunately, usually more expensive.

You should also note that better car maintenance makes your car safer to drive. Something such as replacing the windscreen wipers regularly could make the car safer to drive. New wipers will clear water off the windscreen faster than old ones. It will ensure that your vision of the road is not covered for even a second more than it needs to be.

It’s also worth performing checks regularly on your car. You need to check the suspension, the brakes and the tyre pressure. All of these factors could determine how serious a car accident might be.

Road Dangers Outside Your Vehicle


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Finally, don’t forget that the roads are also dangerous to your family when you are pedestrians. Particularly, if you have young children. Be careful when crossing the road. Remember, little children should always be kept close by and preferably holding your hand. Otherwise, they could run out onto the road and be involved in a car accident. Use common sense when you’re around the roads with your children as well. Don’t cross between two parked cars because there is a good chance drivers won’t see you. Drivers should be giving parked cars a wide berth for this reason. However, not all of them do, and they could easily hit you walking out. Although this may seem like common sense, judging by the number of accidents caused by these mistakes, it isn’t.

A lot of people don’t act as safely as they should around roads, and they need to. We are under the illusion that the roads are safe, and that drivers are cautious. They’re not and they aren’t. Any number of drivers on the road could be inattentive or driving dangerously. Added to the errors of parents it makes the question of an accident when rather than if. Don’t let your family become the next statistic. Make sure you take this advice on board to keep your time on and around the roads as safe as possible.

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