What Your Partner Dislikes About Shopping


To some, you mention the word shopping and they shudder but it's something that needs to be done. With Christmas approaching, we'll all be looking to head out to the shops to buy presents. We all have that image of guys shopping last minute but is that true to real life? A survey has been put together by Andrews Air Conditioning where they identify what people actually dislike about shopping. Have a look at the infographic below. In raises, a few interesting stats such as 50% of men have waited over 20 minutes for a partner while shopping, whereas only 26% of women have.

Who enjoys shopping more? Well, no surprise that women enjoy it more and 72% of men got bored while shopping with their partner.

An interesting thing to pick out from this is that both genders say that temperature is important. Both men and women dislike shopping in shops that are too warm. Also, 50% of people said they would enjoy it more if shops had better air conditioning. Having worked in retail I know this is a major factor.

So have a look at the infographic and let me know what you dislike about shopping?

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