Puppy in My Pocket Review


Both of the girls love collection things, any toy that involves them having to save their pocket money for toys is a winner. They both love watching videos on YouTubes especially the ones that involve opening of blind bags.

Puppy in My Pocket Review

So recently we were offered a Puppy in My Pocket Review and they both said yes so that's a good start.

Puppy in My Pocket
I mentioned it to Mrs LADs and she mentioned to the girls that she remembers these from when she was younger. She had most of the old collection but never kept them which is a shame. We were sent the Cute Puppy Carrier Set and two packs of the Collectible Figure Blind Bags.

The Puppy in my Pocket Blind Packs were a big hit and are the perfect way to start the collection of cute pups. Every pack includes a collectable friend and in Series 2 there are over 100 including ultra-rare glitter puppies. Blind bags are massive hits in this house and at just £2.49 they're perfect for a little treat.

Puppy in My Pocket Bling Bags
They also sent the girls the soft carrier which allows the girls to take their favourite puppies with them where ever they go. The carrier also comes with four extra collectable puppies. The price of this is £12.99 which gives children something to save their money for.

All of the puppies that are available are a soft well made toy. Each of the puppies have their own name and personality which makes the girls feel more excited about. They have somehow managed to   remember all of these names straightaway.

Puppy in My Pocket Carry Case
They girls have been enjoying playing with these and they have already been to the local toy shop to purchase a few more blind bags. At the moment they don't have any doubts of dogs. I imagine their friends will soon be collecting them so they can swap between each other.

For more information pop over to the Flair website. Also look out for Kitty in my pocket which will be coming soon.

We were sent Puppy in My Pocket Review for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions are our own.