What You Really Need From Your Family Car


Put away all thoughts of getting yourself a little dynamo of a machine that will make you feel like you’re twenty again. When you’re looking at a family car, you have to don the cap that’s all about responsibility and utility. Just like not every car is made to race down the open road, not every car is made to bear the stresses of modern family life. So we’re going to look at some elements you need to seriously consider about your new family car.

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The car is an essential part of family life. It’s going to be tried and tested through all kinds of drives. So you need something that will be able to take the stresses of a whole family that needs to go places. Before you buy a car, we recommend using things like a reliability index to see how well it fares on the road. For example, a new Audi A4 Allroad has one of the best reliability ratings you can get. You don’t want something that’s going to give you trouble every other week.

Value for money

The reliability of a car, in part, plays into the idea of value for money. But that value is easier to measure further in the running costs of the car. How much it will take to insure, to maintain and keep fuelled. As with everything in a family, your budget for the car has to be tightly considered. Some of the best value for money cars are, as you would expect, hybrids like the Nissan Leaf. Though going for hybrids does add another layer of maintenance to the decision.


One feature on a car that cannot be stressed enough is its safety. Safety in part comes down to the car itself as well as the extra features you get with it. There’s plenty you can do to make your car more protective of the people inside of it. For a car that’s simply built safer, however, consider sites like Euro NCAP. It rates cars on the safety of adult and children occupants, its safety to pedestrians and safety assistance equipment. One of the better cars, according to its safety rankings, is the regular Audi A4.


Even if you don’t have a huge family, you’re going to need a fairly spacious car. Part of being a dad in a car is suddenly finding yourself with the role of chief transporter. It might be picking up groceries or it might be taking your son or daughter to a recital with a tuba in the boot. Could even be useful for the occasional road trip you take the family on. The take-home point is that your car needs to have the space to fit the family’s needs. One spacious family car well worth considering is the Skoda Superb Estate.

Hopefully, we’ve given you a few ideas on which should be your next family car. Go for something safe, cost-effective and reliable. You’ll have a lot more hassle if you don’t.

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