Saving for University

I was never the most attentive student at school, don’t get me wrong I was fairly smart and passed all my exams I just didn’t put in much effort. I could do the work and seemed to thrive when it came to exams, the issue was I knew this so didn’t try my hardest.

Luckily for me, my girls enjoy school and enjoy learning. Even though they are still in primary school the topic of what they’d like to do has cropped up a few times, with Mia wanting to become a teacher and Aly...well anything to do with computers.

Anyone who has children will know that saving money is near impossible but also very important. Both the girls have funds that they can’t touch until they’re 18 which will hopefully help them out with University fees or their first cars.

As a family, we know that investing in your children's future is so important. There is no golden number in mind but we want them to have as much money as we can afford. We don't want them to get to 18 and wish we'd done things differently, we'd rather know that we’ve done everything possible to help them.

When it comes to the time to decide if they want to go to university, hopefully we’ve saved enough money to make things easier for them or instead, if they decide, a deposit on their first house.

Orbis Access have a special promotion running from 15 March up until 30 April 2017 whereby it will match the first investment, up to £100, into any new Junior ISA accounts opened within the period. This also includes Junior ISA and Child Trust Fund transfers into Orbis Access accounts opened in the promotional period.

This will give you a brilliant first start in your saving journey. 

As well as being tax-efficient, if the investment does well, the effects of compounding over time could boost the value of your child’s account. Just bear in mind that tax benefits depend on your individual circumstances and may change over time. Also, when investing, the value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could end up with less than you put in, which means your capital is at risk.

When I turned 18 I was lucky enough that my parents had put a little bit aside for me and it gave me choices and I want the same for my girls.

I thought I’d give Orbis a try to see just how simple it is to use. The site was easy to navigate and using the dropdown menus, the Junior Stocks and Shares ISA is the second one you see.

I liked the fact that straightway you can get an idea of just how much you could save in fees with their special fee-free offer which you can find out more about here...everyone likes to save money. I selected sign up and after entering an email address and password, you come to the welcome screen where you select what sort of account you’d like to apply for.

The actual setting up of the account was very straightforward and only took a matter of minutes.

Before you know it you’ll be saving for your children’s futures from as little as £1 and others such as grandparents can put money into the account for birthdays if they wish.

My overall impression of the site and service was that it was very simple and gave all the information in easy to understand plain English.

Disclosure: this post was produced in collaboration with Orbis Access and has been approved for issue in the United Kingdom by Orbis Access (UK) Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.