Spend Too Much Time Stranded Without A Car? Fix It Now


The car is one of the most trusty and necessary tools in a man’s arsenal. So, when you find that you’re suddenly left without it, it seems like all your options and capabilities simply shrink. It’s not difficult to feel stranded. However, you shouldn’t stay stranded. Here’s how you make sure you’re not left off the road for too long.


Prevention is the best cure

To spend less time stranded off the road, then the simplest answer is to make sure that your car is a lot less liable to find itself breaking down on you. Too many car owners will only give their cars the mandatory servicing as recommended by the car manual, or when it has a problem. The truth is that you should create a schedule of preventative maintenance that you keep up all year long. From changing the oil to getting your tires rotated and balanced, it’s just a few tasks you have to do now and then that will keep your car running pretty for much longer.

Prepare for the seasons

When winter rears its ugly head, or the weather gets severely wetter, then it’s necessary to make a few more changes still. For instance, protecting your car from the elements using a cover. Taking your car even for a short drive to warm up the engine and stop the battery from dying on you. Getting a decent pair of winter tyres to make sure your wheels can handle a more dangerous and demanding road. Failing to prepare for the elements is not only more likely to take you off the road but seriously risky, too.



Consider the replacement options available

When prevention fails, you’re going to find yourself without a car. To some, that simply isn’t acceptable. There are different options for getting a replacement car. If you’re insured on it, you can borrow a family member’s, but that inconveniences them. You can rent a car, but that can prove expensive. You can also look at specific options like Volkswagen servicing options that include a courtesy car amongst the cost. Alongside the service itself, that kind of options might prove the most financially sensible.

Make sure you’re passing that MOT

It’s not just malfunction and the need for a service that will take you off the road. The MOT is something you have to prepare for. Not just because it’s your obligation. If you fail, you’re going to find that even a car you consider acceptable is no longer legally allowed on the road. So you have to ensure that you pass that MOT so you’re not spending ages waiting for the opportunity to take another one. Even simple pieces of equipment like a worn seat belt or a worn windscreen wiper can be the tipping point that fails you.

The right preventative maintenance and choices, as well as the right way to stay on the road when prevention doesn’t work, is essential. You need to look at servicing options and rental options that best fit your needs, as well as your finances.

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