Take Family Time to the Next Level with These Fun Ideas


There's not much time left in the summer holidays. But there are still plenty of opportunities to have fun this year. There's half-term and Christmas, and not mention all the weekends. Whether you go for a short drive or a few days away, your family can have tonnes of fun together. If you're a family that likes to get a little silly, there are lots of ways you can take your trips to the next level. Next time you're planning to go somewhere together, try out some of these fun ideas to create some memorable moments.

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Get Your Team Outfits Ready

If you like your family trips with a heavy dose of whimsy, there are plenty of silly things you can do. For families that are a bit out there, I recommend getting a team outfit together. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It's easy to find a t shirt printing service and get some shirts made up with a name or logo on them. Get some with "Smith family adventure 2016" or "the epic Smith trip to Wales". These work best if you're all facing a challenge together. You could complete an assault course or go coasteering for the day. It might be a bit too cheesy for some, but other families will love it.

Try Something Scary

Sometimes the best way to bond as a family is to do something frightening. You can all support each other and make sure there's plenty of cheering. For most families, it would probably be something active. Maybe you all want to speed down a large zip line or clamber around a high ropes course. It will give everyone a thrill, and you'll all feel closer at the end of the day. Although, I don't recommend anything too frightening for anyone particularly high-strung. You all want to have fun together, not have anyone crying or shouting.

Pose for the Camera

Wherever you go, taking some silly photos together will always help you create some fun memories. You could be in the most boring place on Earth, and you could still have fun posing for the camera. If you prepare in advance, you can even get some props involved. Think up some interesting ways you can take photos to put on your next family Christmas card. You can play with perspective, wear silly outfits, or just pull faces to create some memorable pictures. Share them right away on social media or keep them in your back pocket until they're most needed.

Get in Touch with Your Childish Side

Too often, parents always choose grown-up or educational things to do as a family. When the kids want to do something childish, they get sent off to do it on their own. But if you want to have fun as a family, I think parents should be willing to let loose. Put away your adult sensibilities for a bit and get stuck into some silly fun. Have a water fight or go rollerblading, visit a go-karting centre or just run around in the park. Having kids is a great excuse to act like one of them for a while.


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Create Your Own Special Days

Everyone loves enjoying fun religious and cultural holidays. You might get to have a special meal or exchange presents. But you don't have to wait for them to come around if you want to have a fun day. You can invent your own days to celebrate, or even follow along with established ones. For example, there's "Talk Like a Pirate Day", when you could all have a swashbuckling time. Or it could be "Jump on the Bed Day" or "National Cake Day". Use your imagination to come up with some fun things to do.

Plan a Surprise

Surprises can be a lot of fun - as long as your family likes surprises. If you all enjoy being spontaneous, you can come up with some activities to spring on the kids on random days. Your surprises could be both big and small. It doesn't have to be a trip to Disneyland every time. It could be pancakes for breakfast or a surprise late night treat. Having something planned to look forward to is fun, but doing something unexpected can be even better for everyone. You can't plan a surprise for yourself. But you can still pick something spontaneously or ask someone else to choose something to do.

It's easy to kick your family time up a notch by planning silly and fun things to do. Get creative and do things out of the ordinary.

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