Taking a Road Trip Around Scotland: Where to Visit


When it comes to destinations for awesome road trips, Scotland is one of the most popular. This is because no matter whether you are looking for countryside views, outdoor activities, city shopping, urban pastimes, or sampling the best local cuisine, Scotland is a country that has it all to offer. Hiring a car for your trip through Scotland, or even driving your own car through the country is a great way to explore as much of it as possible. We’ve put together some of the best places to choose for your Scottish road trip adventure.


Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is definitely somewhere that should be on your list of must-visits when you’re taking a road trip through this country. If you’re planning a long road trip, you should definitely make sure that you give yourself at least a couple of days to explore the elegance of this city with the interesting historical Edinburgh Castle watching silently over the city and the stunning Georgian architecture of the old town. If you’re looking for great views, don’t forget to make sure that your trip takes you to Arthur’s Seat.

Stirling Castle

Once you’ve seen as much as Edinburgh as you like, the best place to head to next is Stirling Castle. One of the most historically significant fortresses in Scotland, there’s long been a saying that whoever holds Stirling Castle also holds the whole country. The whole Stirling region is brimming with national pride, and it’s definitely one of the best areas of the country to visit if you want to learn more about Scottish history and heritage.

Isle of Skye

Even if you’re driving, there’s a bridge which you can take in order to get over to the largest island in Scotland, Skye. Home to the bustling port at Portree, Skye is the best island to visit if you’re hoping to get off the road for a while and enjoy coastline walks, water sports, and of course sample some of the freshest fish and seafood from the day’s catch. Driving to the Isle of Skye from the mainland is easy thanks to the Skye Bridge, although there are other ways of getting there such as a ferry which will take you across the water.

Orkney Islands

Once you’ve visited Skye, the Orkney Islands can make for the perfect next stop on your list. Clustered not far from the mainland, the Orkney Islands were a Scandinavian stronghold for centuries and offer a very different experience to the Scottish mainland. Easily accessible via a ferry or even a flight, the Orkney islands are abundant with ancient historic sites, interesting facts, and of course some stunning views that you definitely won’t want to miss out on. Before driving in the Orkney Islands, you might want to brush up your highway code knowledge using the free theory materials at Toptests.

When it comes to exploring Scotland by car, there are a huge number of destinations in this country which make for the perfect road trip. With cities, villages, towns and islands to explore, Scotland can be the ultimate destination for a long summer or even a winter road adventure.

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