Talking Turkey: Looking East For A Holiday To Remember

What do you look for in a holiday? It's something different for each person you ask - some will want to spend time sunning themselves on a beach. Others will prefer to nourish their minds with historical sightseeing. And then there are more than a few who see it as a chance to shop. To hear their credit card scream in an entirely different language. What you're on the lookout for in a holiday can define where you end up going. Few places manage to offer all of the above at once, and those that do are to be cherished. But picking by the same priorities will mean you keep going back to the same places. So let's pick one country, and give you a few destinations worth visiting within it. For this article, that country will be Turkey.

Istanbul: Hard To Ignore, Harder To Forget

It's by far and away Turkey's most famous city, and equally famously not the capital. But for all intents and purposes for the tourist, this is the main hub of Turkey. Here you will find the bridge which marks the crossing from Europe into Asia (Turkey is on both continents).


You will also find sights like the Aya Sofia mosque. A building of quite spectacular beauty, it's regularly rated the number one sight to see in the country. Equally opulent, Topkapi Palace is where the leaders of the Ottoman Empire got to work on constructing their country. If you only mark two sights down to see in Istanbul, let these be the two.

Cappadocia: Good Work, Mother Nature!

If Istanbul is remarkable for what architects have put there, then Cappadocia is entirely different. This is a staggering work of nature; valleys cut out of the earth by millennia of tectonic activity. To look at it, it can be hard to believe that it's real. The good news is, it is. Even better news is that the locals have realised how unique it is, and there's a thriving trade in hot air balloon rides.

Antalya: Spend Some Time On The Beach

Of course, sometimes you do want to get a bit of lazing while travelling, and where better than on a beach? To be more specific, on Konyaalti beach in Antalya. Unlike many beaches, this one is right next to the city. So when you've hopped off your Antalya airport taxi, you can laze a few hours before heading into town. You won't regret doing so.


Whether it's Hadrian's Gate, a monument dating from the second Century, or the main shopping streets in this well-heeled town, it's a treat. Even better news is that it's mostly ignored by tourists from elsewhere. This is where Turkish people with the right idea head for a holiday - and it makes sense to follow their lead when booking your break.

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