Thanks Dad! 5 Tech-Related Gifts That Are Perfect for Children

There’s no better way to introduce our children to technology than giving them some hands-on experience with the latest tech. It could be teaching them how to use a computer, showing them the joys of console video games, or even showing them how to watch their favourite cartoon shows on your iPad. Getting children involved with technology can be a great time investment because technology is everywhere. It’s in our homes, at school, it helps with our jobs—simply everywhere!So whether you’re looking for a new gift to add to your child’s wish list or if you just want to give your children something special for working hard at school, here are five tech-related gifts that your children will absolutely adore!



  1. Phone Accessories

Children everywhere are using smartphones to keep up with their friends, play games and even study. With the countless number of smartphone apps that are targeted towards children, there’s no reason not to get your child a basic smartphone. It doesn’t have to be an expensive Samsung model or an iPhone (you probably don’t want to put something so expensive in the hands of a child!) because there are plenty of cheaper alternatives. No matter what phone your child has, there’s no doubt that accessories such as iphone cases and headphones make cheap and exciting gifts for your children.

  1. Video Games

If you already own a video games console then you’re in luck! There are hundreds of video games to pick from no matter if you own a Playstation or Xbox console, and they make excellent gifts for any child that loves to game. You can check review websites to see the latest games that are popular and order them either digitally from online stores or buy a physical copy from a retailer.

  1. A Tablet

Perhaps your children already have a smartphone, but if they’ve had it for a while then they’re probably complaining that it’s slow, the screen is small or that they don’t have enough space for all of their music and games. It doesn’t make much sense to use a phone for entertainment if you have access to a tablet. They have larger screens, they’re more powerful and they’re more fun to play with. Surprisingly, they’re also cheaper than phones because you don’t need all of the internals to make calls or other phone-related functions.

  1. A Laptop

Laptops are now cheap, powerful, and the next logical upgrade from a tablet. Laptop computers that run Windows are the perfect companion for a child who’s learning to use computers or that wants a better experience when browsing the internet and being productive. They can practice their hobbies, study, and entertain themselves with a lightweight laptop.

  1. Raspberry Pi

If your family is full of tech enthusiasts then what better way to get them involved with computers than a Raspberry Pi. These mini-computers are perfect starter examples for parents that want to teach their children how computers work, or even to give them some basic programming lessons if they show an interest in the inner workings of a computer. There are many projects with a Raspberry Pi, such as turning it into a media centre or a retro games console.

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