Tips on Making Renting Easy

Photo from Unsplash by Qusai Akoud
Photo from Unsplash by Qusai Akoud

The way things are at the moment like many people we're renting and we're pretty happy with renting at the moment. For some people renting can be a real pain but there are ways that you can make renting easy.

These tips and ideas are what has worked for us and hopefully they'll work for you too.

Ask Questions Before You Move In

When looking at houses to move into ask the vital questions before you move in. We try to have a list of set questions before such as; can we have Sky?, are pets allowed?, are we responsible for maintaining certain parts of the property?.

Asking these before you move in means that you won't get a shock when they say no to certain demands.

Check Before you Alter Anything

Whenever we move into a new house we like to decorate it just to make it feel more homely. BUT before you do this check with the landlords that this is ok. Generally if you chose sensible colours they will be fine with it. When it comes to actually decorating make sure you do it well otherwise they make as you to redo it when you come to moving out.

Keep the Neighbours in Mind

All night parties aren't going to go down well and the landlords won't take too kindly to having phone calls or letters saying that you've been disturbing the neighbours and it won't take them long to ask you to move out. Once they've done that they might not give you a good reference in the future.

Hopefully these tips will make things easier for you if you're renting or looking to rent.

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