Tripod, Wipes & A Troll - What Is In My Bag?


The other day I saw that John from DadBlogUK had made a video about what was in his pockets, in the video he showed off lots of random things parents seem to end up with in their pockets. This got me thinking about what things I end up carrying from the girls when we go out and about. The difference for me is that most of the time I will be carry a bag so I end up with the girls toys etc. This got a few of us thinking and a few us of fellow dad bloggers decided to each create our own videos along the same 'what is in my pocket/bag?'. We've got Dave from The DADventurer and what seems like his Mary Poppins pockets, Simon from Man vs Pink with his wine and pants and Tom from Diary of the Dad who enjoys carry a bike and a Clanger around in his pockets.

Here's my attempt minus the torn jeans...I'll leave that just for John.

And here are the rest of the dads giving you a look inside their pockets.

Dad Blog UK

The DADventurer

Man vs Pink

Diary of the Dad

What random things do you find in your pocket from your children?