Visiting Pooh Bridge in East Sussex


As a family we live in the beautiful South East of England and are blessed with many great adventures right on our doorstep. We often miss these things are travel off far and wide to search for new adventures. But just the other week we decided to search out for a place that is right on our doorstep.

Visiting Pooh Bridge in East Sussex

Pooh Bridge is located near a small village called Hartfield in East Sussex. This is where A.A Milne was inspired to write the Winnie the Pooh stories and they were inspired by the adventures of his only son Christopher Robin.

Somehow this was a place that we'd never visited even though it's only about 10 minutes from where we live. The first thing they recommend doing is heading into the small village and visiting Pooh Corner where you can pick up a map of the area to explore.  In Pooh Corner they also have a shop and tea room to enjoy before you start the adventure.

The best way to get to the bridge is slightly up the road so off we headed with the excitement building. This is all part of the Ashdown Forest so the views and woodland are amazing.  If the weather was a little brighter we would have probably have had a picnic with us.

Pooh Corner in East Sussex
Walking towards the bridge involves walking through the woodland area and when we visited it was pretty quite with just a few other families passing us. Although you have a map to follow it's a lot more fun to keep an eye open for the signs showing you the way.

Visiting Pooh Bridge

Playing Pooh Sticks

The main aim of the walk to Pooh Bridge is of course to look out for the perfect sticks for the upcoming game of Pooh Sticks...what is the perfect stick? It's all in the selecting. Little did I know that there are certain rules to the game which you can read about here. Our game wasn't quite so strict and on a plus point no one actually fell into the water.

Playing Pooh Sticks

Of course no visit to the woods would be complete without climbing a few trees, not that either of the girls managed to get very high. I'm informed by the pair of them that shorts and t shirts aren't the right outfit for when it comes to climbing trees.

Climbing Trees
Visiting Pooh Bridge in East Sussex should be on everyone's Summer to do list. The best bit is that it's also completely free to visit.

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