Instagram Hashtags : Photalife Talks Episode 26

This week we carry on the Instagram series, we've covered content, editing and captions and this week it's the turn of hashtags. 

The best practise with hashtags is to pick them carefully.  Ones like #fun #love #view etc have 3m+ photos and it's a pointless one to use. So look for ones that have under 500k and that way you'll have more chance to get seen. 

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Instagram Captions : Photalife Talks Episode 25

This is the third part of the Instagram series and it's about the captions you use. 

I am pretty terrible at this too but I am trying to improve. When you upload your image the capture plays a bit part in connecting with the audience. The way to look at it is to think of it as a blog post, the more information you give the better. 

Try to tell a story about the photo or location to make people more interested in the photo, I've found when I've done this the interaction is much better. 

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Filters & Photo Editing Apps : Photalife Talks Episode 24

This week's podcast follows on from last week's one all about Instagram content, this week we're talking about Instagram filters and mobile editing apps. 

Anyone that has used Instagram will know that the editing and filters built in are pretty rubbish so I suggest editing in a 3rd party app and then uploading to Instagram. 

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Your Best Instagram Content : Photalife Talks Episode 23

This week's podcast and the next few podcasts are going to be a series all about helping you improve your Instagram profiles. 

Instagram is the fastest growing social media and it needs to play a big part of your blogging/photography World. 

Over the weeks I'll be talking about different topics, this week its content. 

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Finding Inspiration : Photalife Talks Episode 22

This week's podcast is all about inspiration and finding inspiration. 

Everyone at some point will need a little inspiration, but where do you look for this? So I thought I'd talk about where I find inspiration and who inspires me. 

At this time of year, there is nothing better than getting out and enjoying the fresh air. Rather than heading out with a camera in hand it is often better just to down tools and enjoy the World.

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New Partnership Tool on Instagram : Photalife Talks Episode 21

This week's podcast is about the new partnership tool on Instagram. 

Over the next couple of weeks, you will start to notice on Instagram there will be a new “Paid partnership with” sub-header on posts and stories (where the location usually is). This is for when there is a paid partnership in place. 

A few weeks ago Facebook rolled out something very similar so it was never going to be long before Instagram followed suit. 

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