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My name is Darren and I live in the South East of England with my beautiful family, Laura and my two daughters Aly who's 10 and Mia who's 7.

I haven’t climbed a mountain or swam in the sea, but I have taken photos of where I have travelled. I love being creative either using still or moving pictures to tell my story. 

IF stranded on a deserted island I’d go insane without photography, music, my wife Laura and our two daughters. Storytelling, being creative make my blood pump; and sharing this online makes me happy. 

I've had a passion for photography from the moment I received my first Polaroid camera for Christmas as a child. As time has moved on this has developed into something much more. 

I have won various awards for my work, and I’m grateful for every single one of them. I love collaborating and working on fun and exciting projects so get in touch and see how we can work together and maybe I'll also get to climb that mountain. 



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