365...The Final Round Up

It's here the final round up of Project 365 2013. I have not idea what order these photos should be in but I think I've got it right. IMG_20131223_123224

Our little olde Christmas tree in Lewes, this is just outside of workIMG_20131224_145841

To say the lead up to Christmas has been wet would be an understatement. This is the River Ouse in Lewes which was very close to bursting it's banksIMG_20131224_153200

My wife made these amazing owl biscuits for Christmas2013-12-28 10.57.29

Quick a dry day let's get out and have a walk in the woods. IMG_20131225_074656

Mia's little face Christmas morning, this was the first year where she knew what was going onIMG_20131225_163818

A very rare photo of us all togetherIMG_20131226_120412

Aly got some rollerskates for Christmas and hasn't taken them off since. IMG_20131226_150206

A quiet moment with us playing a new Orchard Toys gameIMG_20131228_110029

Out for a little walk and enjoying the sun coming outIMG_20131229_154458

Ssssshhhh it's quiet, time to get back to blogging

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and let's get the 2014 365 Project underway

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